Poster Presentation Guidelines

Requirements for Poster Presentations

The dimensions of the poster board are 90 cm wide and 120 cm high (view sample image below).
Allocate the top of the poster for the title and authors’ names and affiliations as stated in the submitted abstract.
The text and illustrations should be bold and large enough to read from a distance of two meters (six feet).

Sample of Poster:

Poster Presentation Guidelines Long

Congratulations on being accepted as a poster presenter.

Kindly note:

  • The official language of the meeting is English and all presentations must be made in English only.
  • All abstracts are published in the abstract supplement to all conference participants

Each poster will be on displayed during the meeting, April 25-26 , 2018

Posters should be mounted by 08:00 AM on April 25th and must be removed by April 26 from 16:00-17:00.

Presenters are required to stand next to their designated poster board(s) for informal discussion during the morning and afternoon Coffee Breaks and during the Lunch break.
Posters should be brought to the meeting by the authors. Please do not mail them in advance.
The organizers are not responsible for posters that have not been removed by the end meeting.


Preparation of Posters

  • Please prepare your poster on one sheet of Bristol board or laminated paper.
    Alternatively presenters may display their material on several smaller sheets.
  • The dimensions of the poster board are: 1m wide x 2.30m long. It is suggested that your poster will be 90 cm wide x 1.2m long. (Any longer, and it becomes difficult to see.)
  • Allocate the top of the poster for the title and authors as stated on the submitted abstract.
  • The text, illustrations, etc. should be bold enough to be read from a distance of two meters (six feet).


How to hang your poster?

Upon your arrival to the conference kindly approach the “exhibition hall” located at the Hilton conference center to hang your poster.

A numbered list of abstract titles will be displayed, please locate your number and hang your poster accordingly.

Tacks and technical equipment will be available for the hanging of posters.